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Bollywood Veggies & Let's get Naked

One of the farms we visited as part of the trip to the Kranji Countryside is Bollywood Veggies. It's a organic vegetable farm and a whole lot more. It's a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city with beautiful gardens, birds, fishponds, food museum etc.

The farm is divided into different areas with names like Butterfly Dreams, Truly Frutti and The Jungle Maze. All plants and trees are clearly marked which makes it very interesting to stroll around and identify plants you did not know or have not seen before. The duration of the walks vary and is up to your discretion.

A absolute definite is lunch at the Poison Ivy Bistro which is situated at the entrance. Amazing food at very reasonable prices. The Farmers Platter was $10 and all the other menu options $6. The bistro has a air conditioned area as well a an outside deck area and is named after the founder Ivy Singh. I had the platter and it was absolutely delicious. All the food are prepared from fresh produce grown right there on the farm.

On the way out buy the famous and best banana bread in Singapore which I can vouch for. It is awesome and authentically wrapped in a banana leaf. It's a fun place for families to visit with interesting features like the lookout point, wishing well and all kinds of funny signboards in the walkways.

And then right at the furthest end of the farm just passed the Mr Pee Wee and the Jack-A-Loo eco toilet you get to The Sanctuary. During all my explorations I have come across many strange things I thought I would never see in Singapore but this must be the weirdest. Here it is for all those folks who enjoy an even more intense nature experience. The sign reads "Nudity is welcome in the Sanctuary - Be respectful - No cameras Please"

The Eviltwin certainly wanted to take a stroll around this establishment but with the family in tow this was not to be. I still wonder thou and had no problem leaving my camera behind. For the sake of my readers off course.

One more funny sign as you leave the farm. Highly recommended especially the food and do visit the food museum.


Place on a FIRM surface
Follow directions in the Circle
Repeat until you are anti stressed or  become unconscious

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